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CMB2 Metabox Code Generator

Skip the boring bits. Use this generator to create fully functional CMB2 metaboxes easily. Now with bulk entry!

Metabox Properties

Use this section to define the scope of metabox, set its id and other things.

Enter a specific post type like page or a comma separated list like page, post

This function will hook into cmb2_init action

Start with an underscore to hide fields from custom fields list

Metabox Fields

Generate Metabox fields from this section or get a head start with bulk entry .

Bulk Entry

Enter in the name of each field and a CMB2 field type seperated by a semi-colon. One field per line.

Bulk Entry Example

My Little Box; text
A Big Old Box; textarea
Do You Love the Radio?; radio
This has no type; //Defaults to 'text'
My Group Field; group
--My Group Sub-field; textarea_small
--My Second Sub-field; file